02 nissan gt-r specv opt

The GT-R.

Wig2x's GT-R (R35) SpecV is his main car in Takedown Rampage.


This car could pack a punch with a top speed of 311 kph! It may be slower than Karlos's 911 or Kyle's Shelby, but it could go with the flow of traffic easily.


The car is excellent in all aspects of racing. It looks stock on the outside and in the inside. The only thing not original is that the body is converted to a carbon fibre with a midnight purple finish.


  • Wig2x occasionally repaints the car. Red and White for Christmas, Blue for summer (take note that blue is a rare color for the SpecV) and Orange and Black for Halloween. For the rest of the days, it will be plain midnight purple.
  • When drift racing in Japan, he removes the car's rear spoiler and converts the wheels to BBSs with a gold finish.
  • He replaces the car's bodykit everytime he wrecks.