Wig2x (full name: Jan Patrick Matayabas) is one of the main characters of Takedown Rampage.


He's rowdy and noisy all the time, and he might have been scolded a few times, but he is good in driving his GT-R. Througout the story, only 3 wrecks have been issued in him, the least wrecks from all Takedown Rampage characters.

He is also the owner of Wig2x's Repair Shop.




They're good friends and they play Roblox together. Whenever Karlos tries to get a grip of him, he always calls in Kyle as his backup, since Karlos and Kyle have a "frenemy" relationship.

Karlos calls Kyle "Wig2x's Secret Weapon."


As aformentioned above, Karlos always gets a grip of Wig2x. Though they could pass on as really good friends.


Wig2x only owns one car.

Nissan GT-R (R35) SpecVEdit

For more information about this car, click here.