Vince's awesome life! is a story about Vince hitting Kyle using an Aston Martin One-77. The full story can be read here:


  • 3 of the characters from Takedown Rampage are featured here. It includes:
    • Karlos
    • Kyle
    • James
  • Vince, Uean and James are also considered the main antagonists since they made a jail break.
  • Kyle hates the Dingo News. The reason for this is because the Dingo Channel copies anything from something popular.
  • As the Dingo Channel is mentioned above, it appeared in an iCarly episode.
  • Vince loves eating watermelons. This is why he said, "the watermelons are supposed to be my snacks."
  • It only took Karlos 4 days to make the whole story.
  • Kyle has the longest dialogue in the story, second to Vince.
  • This is the actual plan before Vince said, "..and, Uean!"
Vince: "Okay, James. Go escape with this key I stole from the guard and get the watermelons."
James: "Sure. Those watermelons could help!"
Uean: "How about me?"
Vince: "You, Uean, will set up our bed. Also, get the knives and shovels."
Uean: "You betcha!"
James: "What are they for?"
Vince: "The shovels are for digging to the car park. The knives will serve as our unlocking key to the cars."