Vince is a main character in Vince's awesome life!. He is also considered the main antagonist along with Uean and James since they were arrested in courtesy of Kyle.


He considers himself awesome, and yet he is. He takes on dangerous stunts throughout the story, like doing a double flip on a lawnmower (nearly killing James).

Vince usually gets everyone of his friends in danger (it's unknown if Karlos was also injuried in his stunts). Like in the beginning of the story, his Aston Martin destroys the roof of Kyle's home, flattening Kyle like a clay.



They have a frenemy relationship in this story, since the accident (just some FYI). They're supposedly good friends before the incident.


They're also just friends, since Karlos was worried about them being sent to jail at one point of the story.

Uean and JamesEdit

Uean and James are also his friends because they helped him with the car and the ramp.