The Cops & Robbers Series is the first Takedown Rampage special to be made. It spans from chapters 4-10, while the last two chapters of the series will reveal a shocking secret Kyle has been hiding for about 2 weeks.

Chapter 4 SypnosisEdit

The team races in the streets of snowy Russia, although street racing is illegal in other countries except for the U.S and the Philippines.

Chapter 5 SypnosisEdit

Kurt finds out that Dino is hiding something that involves the police, and Kurt is arrested for no good reason.

Chapter 6 SypnosisEdit

Kline races with an unknown street racer in the U.S, but oddly, the cops are at their backs for some reason.

Chapter 7 SypnosisEdit

Lance tries to outrun the cops along with Vince, but then something odd just unexpectedly happened.

Chapter 8 SypnosisEdit


Chapters 9 and 10 SypnosisEdit

Karlos finds out a shocking secret Kyle has been hiding something for about two weeks that causes the reasons they received $300,000 cash prize in a street race (instead of just $20,000) and the recent carjackings and robberies.