Steak Out is one of the new action-packed stories Karlos has brought in.

Some Takedown Rampage characters will create appearances in the story: Karlos and Lexus as the main protagonists, Lance, Uean, Wig2x, and Vince as the minor protagonists and Kline as the main antagonist - the owner of the world-famous Lepardo Industries.


Karlos and Lexus falls into a trap to the Lepardo Industries crime network one afternoon, and they have to find their way across the country before another person falls victim.

Character ListEdit

Before he could even release the story, here's the list of characters we know so far!

Main ProtagonistsEdit

  • Karlos
  • Lexus
  • a guy codenamed "4LB3R7," which translates to "ALBERT," is a person they meet in one part of the story.

Minor ProtagonistsEdit

Main AntagonistEdit

  • Kline, owner of the world famous Lepardo Industries.