Lyon is one of the main antagonists featured in Takedown Rampage.


He is somewhat cocky and arrogant, like Jack Rourke in Need for Speed The Run. He also is a "showtimer", because in chapter 30 (where he is introduced), he brags about winning 450 trophies in the Bike Championship in Japan. He got 15 bronze, 15 silver and 15 gold.

He wants to beat Karlos in a Face-Off in the lava roads of Reykjavik.



She is Lyon's wife and she is also his wheel changer. Lisa is a lovable person, but believe me, nothing's regular with this babe.


As aformentioned above, they are main enemies since Karlos encountered him in the Eastern Junction. They brawl to each other ever since.


They also are enemies with Kyle since Kyle helps Karlos in winning dangerous events.


  • Ducati Sportbike


  • The color of the Sportbike varies every chapter. In the first encounter, it was red. In chapter 36, it was yellow, and so on.
  • Along with the Ducati, his suit also changes in color and main sponsor (ex. color red: Castrol Motor Oil; color yellow: Shell V-Power)