Kurt's photo art with his sleek Scirocco R.

Kurt (full name: Kurt Ira Galanida) is one of the main characters in Takedown Rampage.


He is not really good in the brain, but awesome in the actions. He corners his Scirocco pretty well, and he himself, doesn't look back at the track---possiblities of looking back will cause him an accident.

Style of outfitEdit

He has a signature edition shirt that shows him and his car. He wears brown pants, mostly resembling Kyle's pants in his promo art.



The entire Takedown Rampage teamEdit

He's the same with all. Just neutral, and he plays Roblox along with Kline, Kyle and Wig2x. He and Karlos usually hang out at the town park, where Kyle and Wig2x get envious.


Volkswagen Scirocco REdit

He owns the Signature Edition "Dragon" from The Run. The specifications of the car are unknown.