Karlos's Porsche 911 Carrera S is his main car throughout the story.


From the 2012 Carrera's original 3.8-liter engine packing 400 horsepower is now a 4.0-liter engine packing a punch of 710 horsepower. This baby can't hold you back, it's power can overpower a standard SLS AMG!


Karlos's Carrera is styled like the NFS Edition featured in The Run, with a lighter body and a carbon fibre hood. A digital tachometer is in place plus a roll cage, a Recaro sport seat and custom speakers. Oh yeah, this car is a street-looking everyday car, but in the inside, it's a racing place! This car also means business when going in speeds up to 250 mph. The Carrera is good in all aspects: straightaways, curves, jumps and sharp turns.


  • The car is wrecked 10 times throughout the story.
  • There may be instances Kyle will borrow the car (and unexpectedly wreck it).
  • In Need for Speed The Run, the same variant (minus the 710 horsepower) has a top speed of 311 kph.
  • The car is considered as an exotic.
  • According to the stats if this car is placed in The Run, this could be a Tier 5 or a Tier 6 car.