The Intrams homebase is the homebase used in Takedown Rampage. This place is purely fictional and does not exist in real-life.

This base is the old base from the Intramurals awhile back when TR wasn't formed yet.


The building stands by a highway curve, and the other (which is a 2-story) sits behind the other at the front of a street. They're split: the Green T-Rex and Yellow Pegasus go to the one-story building (that sits by the highway) while the Blue Phoenix and Red Gryphon stay in the 2-story one. The players of a corresponding event was posted outside in a list.

Across the street, a gym stands by there. Also, a billboard with Kyle sits just beside the gym. it reads:

"Kyle Ashley Alfonso

5-time badminton champion.

Green T-Rex.

Built to win."

It basically sponsors Kyle as a 5-time badminton champion. The picture shows the him in a badminton outfit, holding a racket on his right hand and a shuttlecock on his left. Of course, he's wearing green. In the background, it's a sunny day with the one-story building just sitting there, also with Kyle's Shelby GT500 Super Snake in the garage of the building.


  • The only irony thing is that Kyle doesn't really play badminton. He plays mostly basketball and soccer. According to Karlos, It was just a bribe so their team will have more confidence in badminton.