The homebase is the home of the TR characters located near Karlos's House. Again, be noted that the place is fictional and it does not exist in real-life.

It's featured in every chapter of Takedown Rampage.

The looksEdit

The homebase is actually a 4-story building with lots of its technology way advanced than today. The hospital rooms can switch to the character's room back at their original house. It can copy anything, from the wall color to the gadgets in the room. There's also an auto-painter in the player's parking spot, although Wig2x uses his repair shop. Dino uses the lab to experiment in potions, but in most chapters, he uses it to revive Kyle. There's also a place where exclusive, high-end vehicles and specials are kept. One of the displays shows Dylan's wrecked Huayra.

The story will showcase more of its surroundings which will be added in this page.

Another homebase is located in Cebu which Kyle built it.