Dino is one of the main characters of Takedown Rampage.


He is also as quiet and as humble as Kyle, and he is waaay more brainy than anyone in the team. He came up with the antidote when Kyle died because Mr. Skull poisoned him with Zanoits, the same one in Adventure Time.

He always gets a B+ to an A+ in his report card.


The entire Takedown Rampage teamEdit

He is a good friend in the team, and he had no fight before--he just focuses on his experiments and potions.


There's a fighting relationship between him and Kyle. They both love her for the same reason: she is one, hot babe! Clarissa is forced to choose between Kyle and Dino in chapter 51, and she chooses Dino. Kyle cries really hard after hearing this.


Dino only owns one car and that is his 2000 Honda Civic. The specifications of the car are unknown.