Challenge Series are a set of races a racer in Takedown Rampage should complete. There could be 3, 4 and maybe 5 races ahead of them. No one should coach the racer--the GPS Device is on but the communication settings are off.


Like mentioned above, a racer must complete a set of races whilst the communication is off. The races are staged based on the stages of The Run.


The current Challenge involves Kyle driving a Signature Edition "Bling" SLS AMG in stage 9 of The Run.


The player could choose any car according to the performance tier listed. Sometimes, a restricted set of cars will be chosen. These include: Stock only, Signature Edition only, and NFS Edition only. Karlos could also give a restricted car. The first one is about a former TR member, Dylan (who will be discussed on another page) who should drive a Pagani Huayra on stage 10 of The Run. Although, something terrible happened.